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Evergreens are not so always green

Evergreens are not so always
green, are they? I saw them tired
and gray this afternoon;
heaving, lumbering beneath
weighty tufts of snow. 

Once upon a time, 
when I smiled for no reason, I would
have leapt to their defense: 
“Brilliant green in every needle —
don’t you see? Sweeping up,
away to a forever sky!”

“Christmas’ favorite guest,
scents seductive and arms
that lift the joyful weight of memories.
Taciturn yet strong, unwavering:
A constant strike of calm
when all around is chaos.”

Now I nod, knowing. We are simpatico,
aren’t we? Once picturesque, majestic:
bridegroom to nature’s sceptered peaks.
The stuff of pictures and of fabled art.

Today, little more than survivors
of the weather.

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